Mrs. Paul's Fish Fillets 90 Calorie Crunchy

Mrs. Paul's® Fish Fillets 90 Calorie* Crunchy. 100% Whole Fillets. Golden, Breaded, Cut From Whole Fillets. 25% Less Fat†. Net Wt 14 OZ (397 g). 100% Whole fillets, Never minced. Fresh taste sealed in freshness pouch. Good source of Protein per 2 fillet serving. 190 mg of Omega 3 fatty acids per 2 fillet serving. 0 grams of Trans fat per serving. *90 Calories per fillet. †Than our original fillets. 100% recyclable. Guaranteed Fresh Taste in the freshness pouch. Each Mrs. Paul's product guarantees fresh taste every time. Questions or Comments 1-800-798-3318.