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Fuze Slenderize Beverage, Goji Wild Berry

Naturally flavored beverage with other natural flavors blended with vitamins A, C, E; super CitriMax. Low calorie. 15 calories per bottle. Our Fuze juice drinks blend the goodness of diverse fruity flavors with helpful nutrients, 'cause everything is more interesting when you mix it up. That's the power of fusion. Salud! Super Citrimax (416 mg per bottle): An extract from the South Asian fruit garcinia cambogia. L-Carnitine (20 mg per bottle): An ingredient that the body uses in metabolism. Chromium (37 mg per bottle): A micronutrient known to help the body get energy from food. Vitamin A (2000 IU per bottle), Vitamin C (120 mg per bottle), Vitamin E (12 IU per bottle): Triple antioxidant power that helps fight free radicals and helps support good health. Vitamin B6 (0.8 mg per bottle): A vitamin that helps the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins. 5% juice. Additional Ingredients Per Bottle: Super CitriMax (416 mg); L-carnitine (20 mg). Contains natural flavors.