Ellas Kitchen Oat Crumble, with Apples, Raisins + Custard, 2 (from 7 Months)

Oh my goodness oat crumble with apples, raisins and custard. Textured not lumpy. USDA organic. I'm organic. Good in every sense. Hello, I'm a yummy oat, fruit and custard dessert for babies. I'm made from a mix of just organic foods, perfectly balanced for growing babies. Who am I for? My ingredients and textures are suitable for babies from 7 months. My flavors are a new journey for tiny taste buds to explore and my texture is designed to encourage your baby to begin to chew. I'm suitable for vegetarians too. My dad promised me and my brother that our baby foods would always be fun, handy and really yummy. He said he'll only put stuff in them that helps babies to grow up. I said they'll only like them if they taste as good as their mom's food and he agreed! - Ella, age 7, England. P.S. Let's be friends! Join in at ellaskitchen.com. Inside my you'll find: no preservatives; no concentrates of juices; no big lumps and no artificial ingredients; just nutritious organic food for growing babies. I'm unsweetened and unsalted. My pouch and cap are BPA free. I've been certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Find out more at ellaskitchen.com.