Diet RC Cola, 12 Fl Oz Cans, 12 Pack

Rich in both history and flavor, RC Cola embodies individuality and entrepreneurial spirit, and distinguishes itself from other cola brands with its unique, crisp, clean taste. Known for its quality, RC Cola was first created by a pharmacist in Columbus, Georgia and has remained one of the original American colas since 1905. You'll flip at the zip in Diet RC Cola, because Diet RC Cola is so flavorful, so sparkling, so downright refreshing. You will be amazed that it has zero calories, yet tastes so good and satisfies with every sip. It's the perfect complement to a meal or snack. Treat yourself to a deliciously satisfying Diet RC Cola. Trusted cola brand since 1905 Zero calories per 12 fl oz serving Crisp, satisfyingly delicious taste Original cola flavor One 12-pack of 12 fluid ounce cans