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Ziploc Sandwich Bags

6-1/2 inch x 5-7/8 inch. SC Johnson. Ziploc brand bags are now recyclable! The same Ziploc brand bags you've always trusted can be recycled into things like playground equipment in the future. How can you help? Recycle your bags at most stores that accept plastic shopping bags and put them in the same bin. Ziploc brand bags, in partnership with RecycleBank, have created programs that will divert waste from landfills. Please clean and dry the bags before bringing back to retail stores. Ziploc brand bags are not likely recyclable in your curbside collection bin, check with your local community. Fresh Ziploc solutions! Snack packs: Store mid-day snacks like fresh cut fruits, veggies, chips or pretzels in Ziploc sandwich bags. Gift giving: Put goodies like candy, cookies, or desserts in a Ziploc sandwich bag, add a bow, and give it as a small gift. Travel companion: Pack your bottles in Ziploc sandwich bags to help prevent any surprise leaks! Facts you can feel good about. Product not formulated with BPA (Bisphenol A). A family company since 1886.