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Albert Bartlett Potatoes, Rooster

Fresh, nutty, buttery taste. Parmesan crusted rooster potatoes - Recipe on back. Tastes Great: baked; boiled; mashed; roasted or fried. Est. 1948. New. Who is Albert Bartlett? We're a family run business with over 65 years of experience growing potatoes. We grow a wide variety of specialty potatoes, and our dedication to growing and packing the best tasting, highest quality potato has made us the UK's favorite potato brand. Working with some of the best US farmers, we are now bringing our expertise, passion and exclusive varieties to America. Try one our specialty potatoes and you're guaranteed to spruce up any recipe. We know you will taste the difference. Visit and tell us what you think of our potatoes. What is a Rooster Potato? The Rooster potato is brand new to the US. It's not a russet or a red potato - it starts pink, but bakes golden brown, with a light yellow fluffy flesh. You can bake it, boil it, mash it, roast it or fry it. Try it one of your favorite recipes or check out our website for some new, tasty ideas. For more great recipe ideas go to Recyclable where facilities exist. Home grown. Meet the Farmer: Naturally tasty. US No. 1 potatoes. Produce of USA.