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Starbucks Coffee, Ground, Latin America, Medium, Colombia, Intro Size

Batch roasting since 1971. Tasting Notes: Balanced, nutty. Flavor Intensity: Medium. Good coffee, doing good. We believe in purchasing all our coffee ethically. It's simply a better cup - from the farmers, to us, to you. Only 3% of the coffee grown around the world is good enough to make it into a bag of Starbucks coffee. And it's always 100% arabica. Venturing to farms 6,500 feet up treacherous dirt roads in the back of a truck is well worth the trip for this distinctive coffee - juicy with wonderful body and a signature nutty finish. Enjoy with pecan pie and a window seat. The Flavor of Latin American Coffees: The process of washing coffee beans free of their protective honey imprints all of the coffee grown in Latin America with a crisp flavor and palate cleansing acidity.