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U Kotex All Nighter Overnight Pads - 28 CT

U by Kotex All Nighter* 2X Overnight Pads. MYTH or fact You gain weight while on your period. Answer. Fact. It is totally normal for some women to gain 4 or 5 pounds of water weight during their periods. No biggie! It should come right off. Overnight pads. Serious attitude. Serious Protection.* get you through the night. What color are U today Uniquely shaped coverage where you need it most. Cleanwear* cover for a clean and fresh feeling. MixroMax* core locks in fluid fast. Cottony soft side barriers - full length protection, for real! Tru-Fit* wings help this baby stay put. Consumer Services, Kimberly & Clark Corp. Dept. Kuaow-28, P.O. Box 2020 Neenah, WI 54957 - 2020 USA. U by Kotex* CleanWear* Regular pads. U by Kotex* CleanWear* Heavy Flow pads. U by Kotex All Nighter* Overnight pads. Also available in tampons and liners. U by Kotex Click*. U by Kotex barely there*. 1 question, 3 answers! Every question answered by a health expert, a mom and one of your peers. Get real answers! Distributed in Canada by Kimberly-Clark Inc. Mississauga, ON L5B. 3Y5. *Trademark of Kimberly & Clark, Inc. 2009 KCWW.